"Jobs" are what others expect from you.

work is what you expect from yourself.

workisnotajob. is our personal working ideal

and inspiration for everyone who believes that "work" is not your bloody 9-5 job, but your individual contribution to the world.

We promote, celebrate and support a generation of makers. People who bring their heart to work and create a better, more meaningful economy and business world. Entrepreneurship can mean more than just "doing what you love" or "work hard, play hard". It can be about creating something you feel responsible for. What is meaningful is rarely easy and always more than just a job. The reward is not (just) a pay check. The reward is a (working) life well spent and the freedom of a lifestyle you create for yourself.


Don't you think it's time to create a paradigm shift in the definition of work? If your answer is YES! and if this resonates with you but you're not sure where to start - Read our books (in German) or follow us around the web.

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You are what you do

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workisnotajob. inspires a new

working ideal.

workisnotajob. reflects our personal working ideal and serves as an inspiration for everyone who believes that work is more than a bloody job.

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