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workisnotajob. manifesto

You are whwat you do.

Your favourite manifesto as 20x30cm (7.8''x11.8'') handmade wood block lamination, high-quality print with silkmatte finish mounted on 10mm MDF board.

All ready to be hung on your wall and remind you to work on what you love.

The time we dedicate to our work is typically more than we dedicate to any other activity over our lifetime, other than sleep. What are you doing with all of that time?

Catharina started workisnotajob. out of the desire to create a lifestyle for herself that allowed her to use her talents and work on her own terms. She wrote the workisnotajob. manifesto as a reminder to live and work passionately - a reminder to work on what you love and share it with the world.

You are what you do.

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The Book!


inspires a new working deal.

Some call it work - we call it life! workisnotajob. is our personal working deal and inspiration for everyone who believes that work is more than a bloody job.

What are you working on?