Sophie Pester

Designer and "Co-worker".

Sophie joined workisnotajob. in 2012 but she has always lived by the philosophy and is a creative entrepreneur herself. She made her own dream a reality by creating "hello handmade", a place for independent, handmade design and original ideas.

Soon after Sophie and Catharina met in 2011, they formed a creative partnership and now the two work, design and spread the workisnotajob. idea together.

In the spirit of workisnotajob., they create inspiring things that remind you to live your art and encourage you to work on what you love. Since they met, they've launched two creative companies, hoping to spark your creativity as well.

Their latest project Happy New Monday helps entrepreneurs to fulfill their own dream of „work is not a job".

Catharina Bruns

Founder, Designer and believer in human potential.

Catharina started workisnotajob. out of the desire to create a lifestyle for herself that allowed her to create something she loves and work on her own terms.

workisnotajob. started as a design studio but evolved into a personal working ideal and later turned into a book.

As entrepreneur and author she's keen to inspire a new working deal and celebrates a Generation of makers.

Catharinas book "work is not a job" was published in 2013 in Germany by renowned publishing house Campus Verlag. Her and Sophies latest book "Frei sein statt frei haben" was published in April 2016.

The Book!

workisnotajob. inspires a new

working ideal.

The radical idea that work is not a job.